Code Review

Specialized Drafting, Consulting & Code for Access Control Security Systems.


Drafting Services for Data/Voice, CCTV, Intrusion Systems & Parking Gates

With 16 years of experience Steele Drafting. LLC provides a Security Consulting service to insure that all systems are to code and comply with the International Building Code, Fire Code, Electrical Code as well as the Denver Amendments, Appendix L "Access Control."

Licensed 3B Supervisor's Certificate for the past 7 years,
City and County of Denver.

Code compliance with all jurisdictions is a requirement to insure that all permits are processed in a timely manner. Revisions only slow down job production.

We do our best to get your permits done right the first time without revisions, so your jobs run smoothly!
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Code can sometimes "not so clear". Give us a call and we will help. Egress paths, hardware requirements or anything you need help with. We can find the answer.
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